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Geography Workshop

On Friday a woman came in from UNESCO to do a workshop on climate change.

It was a fun, interactive and educational workshop she done with us. It was students in transition year and also some of the first years who were interested in this topic. I was really interested in this and wanted to do it from the beginning. She started off by going through a short presentation and then did some interactive activities.

One of her activities was guess how many students out of the 30 there should be in each continent of the world. I decided to go to North America. Five students went their but only one was meant to so i stayed were i was. We then went on to calculate hop many waste each person in one continent waste. We then got to throw the waste around to show the mess the world makes. It was a great to be educated on this matter!

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Non Stimulant Drugs

As part of our road safety class we are doing presentations. My presentation topic is Non stimulant drugs.

There is three in my group and we have prepared 6 slides for our presentation. They are meant to be short but much more could be written. I have not yet delivered to the class but I will next Thursday. 

I have learned so much doing this project. I have learned that cannabis is a non stimulant drug and it’s the oldest plant cultivated by humans. There is many more facts that I have learned but I won’t bore you with the details.

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Seachtain Na Gaelige In Crana College

This week we are planning seachtain na Gaelige for the whole school with our Irish teacher, Mrs.McFadden.

Seachtain Na Gaelige is next week and their will be many activities for junior students. It’s a transition year project in our Irish class. Activities such as bingo and Gaelic will be hosted throughout the week. All will be done in Irish by transition year students.

There is also Trath na Gceist going on. This is the part of the week I’m in charge of.  This is a quiz done entirely done in Irish. The quiz is done throughout the schools in Ireland. I hope it all goes smoothly.

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Work Experience: Number Three

On Tuesday I started my new work experience. I am back in Scoil Iosagain but doing something totally different. 

I am now in sixth class with my old sixth class teacher Mr.Gallagher. I choose this to see if I will be interested in teaching older students. It was a good first day and I learned so much. The class were excellent and treated me as I been there already. 

Ther classroom is a bit away from the school but it is still all right. I will need to bring a rain jacket from now on so I don’t get wet on a rainy day because it’s a longer walk up and down from the school.

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English Story Books

Today, we started our English children books and they have to be complete in three weeks time.

We have started the planning stages of our books and soon we will start with the plot. Our team has the characters selected so far but have the message of our book. Each book must have a message for the kids and we are going for don’t leave anyone out no matter what the circumstances are.

I think this will be a great experience and can’t wait to continue on with this project.

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Junk Koture:North Regional Finals

On Monday our Junk Koture outfit got through to the North Regional Finals in the Millennium Forum, Derry.

The standard was high and we knew it was going to be tough. We arrived there at one and was up there until the end of the show at half ten. Caoimhe who modelled was nervous and so was Abbie and I for her. She got ready and had a practise on the stage in her shoes because she didn’t have her outfit on at this point of the day. She did really well and we knew she would do even better at the real show.

Abbie and I were kicked out from the dressing room at 5-45 but the show didn’t start until 7. Caoimhe was only with other models and she didn’t know all of them. The show began and we had to wait for Caoimhe to come on. She was 29th to come on the stage. Once she did she was brilliant and we thought we had a chance.

The results came and we were unlucky but it was more about the experience not the winning and I enjoyed everything.

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Dance Drama Champions 

On Thursday we set off for Mullingar to Compete on Friday’s All-Ireland final for dance drama.

It was all TY with extra talented students from the rest of the school. We went for an over night stay in the Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar. The hotel was lovely. The hotel is in the town and we could just walk to the shops that were just across the road. We went to the cinema on the eve of the big competition. We went to see Logan but younger students were not able to attend this film as it was for 16 and over.

On the Friday everyone had nerves and we had to wait until half 3 in the afternoon to perform. It finally came and we did great. It wasn’t a long wait until the results were announced but we still sat anxiously. It finally came and we won best lead actress, best tra music, best theme and of course overall winner.

We loved every moment of it and had a celebration meal at Eddie rockets before heading home to Buncrana.