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Another Great Day At Work

This week at work the teacher of the class that i am in gave me a task to deliver their math lesson for the day.

They were doing revision on symmetry and i panicked because i’m not good at drawing but it was simple shapes. It was great to have the power in the class. After that the teacher had an idea of giving them a chance to learn some secondary math so i thought of the first chapter that came to my mind which is sets. They loved doing some different math and it was great to teach them.

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Work Experience:A New Week

On Tuesday I went to my second week in sixth class at Scoil Iosagain.

This week I got to take new responsibilities during the day. I corrected the homework in the morning and in the afternoon i did an introductory lesson to Spanish. the class loved the Spanish lesson and were good for first timers. I was helped by a boy in the class who has a mother from Spain. It was good to get help because i have not done Spanish since the end of third year.

Also that day the school had a concert and it was great. So many talented young people in that school!work-exper

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Work Experience: Number Three

On Tuesday I started my new work experience. I am back in Scoil Iosagain but doing something totally different. 

I am now in sixth class with my old sixth class teacher Mr.Gallagher. I choose this to see if I will be interested in teaching older students. It was a good first day and I learned so much. The class were excellent and treated me as I been there already. 

Ther classroom is a bit away from the school but it is still all right. I will need to bring a rain jacket from now on so I don’t get wet on a rainy day because it’s a longer walk up and down from the school.

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One Week Left!

It is coming to the end of my second work placement at Inishowen Tourism and after the mid-term break I will be returning to Scoil Iosagain for my final work placement.

This time at Scoil Iosagain i will be in a classroom with 6th class students. The last time i was at Scoil Iosagain I was a SNA. I enjoyed that but i still want to do something different and to see if i like primary school teaching. I will be joining my old primary school teachers class and i hope it works out well.

I will be sad to leave Inishowen Tourism but i got what i wanted to get out of that placement. they were really good to me and helped me throughout my time there with anything I needed help with.

I hope my last week goes well next Tuesday!img_0118

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Work Experience

I’m still doing work experience in Inishowen Tourism and it is still going well.

I am learning different tasks everyday i go in and my computer skills are increasing by working in their website. Recently i have been writing pages for the website. They have not been published yet but soon should be online.

The staff have been so nice and always giving me jobs to do. There is never a dull moment. You usually get the odd tourist coming in during the week but at this time of the year its a rare sight.

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New Work ExperienceĀ 

Today I began my second place for work experience. I am now working in the tourist office in Buncrana.

I choose this place because of my love for geography. This was the best place to learn about the geography of Inishowen. I spent my first day doing research on their  website and other resources. I was asked to write down any suggestions I had for the website as it is just new, I did so. It was an educational day and can’t wait to return next week

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Work Experience- Week 5

It is my fifth week in Scoil Iosagain and i’m settled and enjoying my time there.

The staff are very nice and the students are very well mannered. I’m working with the special needs from 2nd class and 3rd class. I find it very interesting as i’m considering SNA to be my career option.

I’m always excited to go in every week as there isn’t a dull moment in the classroom. Most good times in the classroom but there is some bad, but still enjoying the experience.