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The End Of An Era

You can say that this year’s TY has been an eventful year. It has been fun, hard work and jam packed. We got to go on so many trips from day one. Our very first trip of the year was on the first day of school. We went kayaking at Moville. Trips were the best part of TY and most likely a big part of picking to do TY.  But never mind the trios TY was so much more it has helped me so much. I am now more mature , more confident and able to do so many things. You can ask me what my favourite part of  TY was but I can’t Just choose one cause I can honestly say it was an amazing year. Even though I loved the trips the modules were great. Getting an insight into  the drivers theory test. We have had on class a week on this and are nearly read to do the final exam. So now conclusion I don’t regret doing TY and it has been my best yearly school yet!

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A visit To Dublin

On Wednesday Our TY class and a 5th year history class went down to Dublin to visit some Historic places which have an connection with the 1916 rising.

The first place that we visited was the graveyard that Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera is buried in. I thought this place wouldn’t be as good as our next stop but I was proved wrong. Our tour guide was really good explaining about everyone’s death and the history behind it.

After two hours of shopping we then went to Kilmainham Jail. This was the main event of the day. We got a tour of the place and visited some famous people from the 1916 rising jail cells. We also got a look of the yard were they publicly killed people who were sentenced to death. 

It was very interesting and would be lovely to visit again.

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LYIT Day-Out

On Thursday the 19th of January our TY class went to LYIT for an open day.

During the day we had a taster is some of the courses that they do. We started the day with there digital media courses. These are courses that are done using technology. There is courses for web design, animation, etc.

We then went onto Business which was followed by Law. These two areas were interesting but we’re not as interesting as the first one or the last one. The last area we visited that day was sports.

I found the sports course to be my favourite one of the day. The man who took the talk was from Buncrana also and was easy to understand. He explained the course well and then took us over to the experimental room. It was fun!

It was great day out of school.

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A Visit To Jigsaw

After our school did a mental health week in aid for Jigsaw so some of us were invited up to there building in Letterkenny.

On Monday we went to Letterkenny and visited Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a mental health organisation. We got a tour of the place and a small talk on what the organisation do. It was really informative.

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Belfast Trip

Before the Christmas break our TY class got a treat by going to Belfast for shopping and ice-skating.

It was an exciting day even though it was a while ago but i still remember it clearly. We left the school at the start of the school day. We went straight to the Ice-skating. That was a mess as you can see my friend belowCzo4QWLXcAAGTVe.jpg

The shopping was the highlight of the day. Hitting McDonalds first for some grub and then the clothes shops followed. At one point our whole class was in Hollister at the same time must of been a popular choice that day. It was a fun day and here are some of the photos rom the ice-skating.


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Crana College Christmas Market

Crana College hosted their second Christmas Market on Sunday the 11th of December.

The event was a  great success. We had a great turnout on the day and everyone enjoyed it. Most TY students had a stall at the market but I did not. I played my part in the market by being an elf at Santa’s grotto. It was really fun!

All money raised from Santa’s grotto was going to the Foyle Hospice and the Foyle Hospice provided the Santa for the day.

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A Busy Week at Crana College

This week we have been so busy trying to organise our Christmas market this Sunday coming in our school.

We have been trying to get the gym set up, get decorations ready and sort out everyone’s tasks on the day. All TY students will have a part in the market. I will be Santa’s little helper and be an elf alongside a fellow TY student. The Santa is from the Foyle hospice and all money from the Cafe and other activities will be donated to the Foyle hospice. 

We hope everyone reading will show up and support our school in this big event.