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Disability Awareness Training!

Today we had a talk on disability awareness by a man called Richard Alcorn.

It was an interesting talk. It made us aware of how people with a disability feel and react to how we treat them. Richard himself was in a tragic accident a few years back and lost his hand in the result of it. Now he goes to college and gives talks to schools about disability awareness.

He lost the ability to do certain things and had had to get a personal assistant for his daily needs. We thank him for coming in to our school.

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Non Stimulant Drugs

As part of our road safety class we are doing presentations. My presentation topic is Non stimulant drugs.

There is three in my group and we have prepared 6 slides for our presentation. They are meant to be short but much more could be written. I have not yet delivered to the class but I will next Thursday. 

I have learned so much doing this project. I have learned that cannabis is a non stimulant drug and it’s the oldest plant cultivated by humans. There is many more facts that I have learned but I won’t bore you with the details.

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The dangers of speed and speeding

Part of our road safety module we are doing a section on speed. This is a post about the dangers of speed and speeding.

Speeding on the road could not only risk your own life but could also risk the life of others. The other people could be passengers in the car or own the road themselves. It is normally people who have not a lot of experience in driving who go speeding on the roads. 

It is not on,y your life that will be affected. Your parents are going to suffer the most beautiful. They have to burry their child. No parent should have to do so because if this reason.

I hope reading this it will help you be aware of speeding and please think of others before doing so.

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Road safety assignment

Today in road safety we were given a task to organise a lesson for the first year’s. The lesson will be about safety when cycling

In two weeks time my group will deliver this lesson. Today we made our plan and we think we could have it done by next week so that gives us a lot of time to practise our presentation. The assignment must be appropriate so we are not aloud to show accidents that may be terrifying for them.