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One Voice Choir

Lat Tuesday our dance drama team took to the stage once more as the opening act at the one voice choir concert.

The concert was hosted my the etb. They wanted us to preform after our recent success is Mullingar. I was delighted to do it again and i think most people were except for a select number who didn’t want too. It was long day in Letterkenny, we left the school at 1-45 and the show didn’t start to 8.

We nailed it when we came on the stage and the audience loved us, no surprise.

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Dance Drama Champions 

On Thursday we set off for Mullingar to Compete on Friday’s All-Ireland final for dance drama.

It was all TY with extra talented students from the rest of the school. We went for an over night stay in the Greville Arms Hotel in Mullingar. The hotel was lovely. The hotel is in the town and we could just walk to the shops that were just across the road. We went to the cinema on the eve of the big competition. We went to see Logan but younger students were not able to attend this film as it was for 16 and over.

On the Friday everyone had nerves and we had to wait until half 3 in the afternoon to perform. It finally came and we did great. It wasn’t a long wait until the results were announced but we still sat anxiously. It finally came and we won best lead actress, best tra music, best theme and of course overall winner.

We loved every moment of it and had a celebration meal at Eddie rockets before heading home to Buncrana.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

I will not be available for the dance-drama competition our class will be participating in next week so our teacher appointed me as her Co-Director.

I’m loving bossing people around. It’s been good crack with Mrs.Keogh and she is letting me put my input into the dance-drama. I have changed one kart so now I’m still apart of the whole thing. The class is improving and I think they can win if a bit more effort is put in it.


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Presenting a presentation alone

Today I got to experience presenting a presentation on my own in front of my class. I got to do present stuff this year already but it is harder doing it own your own.

I did this in drama. It was for my music presentation, which I discussed in a previous blog post. The project was on Olly Murs. I found it easy as I know most things about him.

The most marks go to the person who looks at the crowd when presenting. I knew it so I faced the crowd for most of it. I don’t know if I would of liked it if I didn’t know much about the topic but I was lucky this time!

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Music presentation 

In music we all have to do a presentation on an artist you like. I have chosen Olly Murs.

The project is meant to be creative not just a normal presentation. I am done the presentation but not the creative part. I’m either going to teach an Olly Murs dance or add in a few fun facts.

I have liked Olly Murs from his first performance on the Xfactor in 2009. This project was really fun to make and hope I get more like this