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Art In TY

Junk Koture is now over for everyone in Crana College this year so our TY class has started on new things.

A few weeks ago we got ready for next year by doing some leaving certificate art. We did the part of the course called the history of art. We did the Iron Age, Stone Age and Bronze Age. We got split in three groups and got one of the three ages. My group got the Iron Age and did research in that.

We then Switched the groups up and compared the ages. We listed what was in common in association with art. 

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Junk Koture:North Regional Finals

On Monday our Junk Koture outfit got through to the North Regional Finals in the Millennium Forum, Derry.

The standard was high and we knew it was going to be tough. We arrived there at one and was up there until the end of the show at half ten. Caoimhe who modelled was nervous and so was Abbie and I for her. She got ready and had a practise on the stage in her shoes because she didn’t have her outfit on at this point of the day. She did really well and we knew she would do even better at the real show.

Abbie and I were kicked out from the dressing room at 5-45 but the show didn’t start until 7. Caoimhe was only with other models and she didn’t know all of them. The show began and we had to wait for Caoimhe to come on. She was 29th to come on the stage. Once she did she was brilliant and we thought we had a chance.

The results came and we were unlucky but it was more about the experience not the winning and I enjoyed everything.

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Junk Koture

This year has giving me the chance to do Junk Koture in the Art module of TY.

I am in a group with Caoimhe McGonigal and Abbie McGrath. Caoimhe will model for us. Our idea is a poker chip top and a skirt made from playing cards. I am really excited for this project and I think the process of making it will be interesting. 

We are only at the start of our manufacturing but all looking well.