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The Start Of Something New!

We are now done our cubes in Woodwork and we are now beginning a new project on Architecture.

For this project each student in the class was giving a “My Architecture Design Journal.” WE will be doing work in these throughout the project. The project consisits of the students coming up with ideas to design something to help their school or community. The book gives us exercises to complete to help us with the design process.

So far we have done the first part of the book. This part of the book is called “Be Inspired.” We had three categories and wrote a building under each of them including the architect of that building. We have also done a part of the book called “Space Study.” In this part we wrote about were we liked to study and drew a picture of that place.

The project is looking good so far and i hope it continues this way.img_1252



I am Luke Turner, 16 years of age and I am in Transition Year

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