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The End Of An Era

You can say that this year’s TY has been an eventful year. It has been fun, hard work and jam packed. We got to go on so many trips from day one. Our very first trip of the year was on the first day of school. We went kayaking at Moville. Trips were the best part of TY and most likely a big part of picking to do TY.  But never mind the trios TY was so much more it has helped me so much. I am now more mature , more confident and able to do so many things. You can ask me what my favourite part of  TY was but I can’t Just choose one cause I can honestly say it was an amazing year. Even though I loved the trips the modules were great. Getting an insight into  the drivers theory test. We have had on class a week on this and are nearly read to do the final exam. So now conclusion I don’t regret doing TY and it has been my best yearly school yet!

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The Mud Run

On Wednesday our transition year class took on the mud run just outside of Letterkenny.

It was a tough, challenging day for all but an overall day of great crack! It took us around 2-3 hours for 5k of mud running. I was one of the slowest classmates in the class as i am not the fittest but gave it my all for most of the way. I was no stranger to cheating at some parts.

It was one of the best trips of the year for some of us. I would do it again with no doubt!

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Another Great Day At Work

This week at work the teacher of the class that i am in gave me a task to deliver their math lesson for the day.

They were doing revision on symmetry and i panicked because i’m not good at drawing but it was simple shapes. It was great to have the power in the class. After that the teacher had an idea of giving them a chance to learn some secondary math so i thought of the first chapter that came to my mind which is sets. They loved doing some different math and it was great to teach them.

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Disability Awareness Training!

Today we had a talk on disability awareness by a man called Richard Alcorn.

It was an interesting talk. It made us aware of how people with a disability feel and react to how we treat them. Richard himself was in a tragic accident a few years back and lost his hand in the result of it. Now he goes to college and gives talks to schools about disability awareness.

He lost the ability to do certain things and had had to get a personal assistant for his daily needs. We thank him for coming in to our school.

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One Voice Choir

Lat Tuesday our dance drama team took to the stage once more as the opening act at the one voice choir concert.

The concert was hosted my the etb. They wanted us to preform after our recent success is Mullingar. I was delighted to do it again and i think most people were except for a select number who didn’t want too. It was long day in Letterkenny, we left the school at 1-45 and the show didn’t start to 8.

We nailed it when we came on the stage and the audience loved us, no surprise.

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Art In TY

Junk Koture is now over for everyone in Crana College this year so our TY class has started on new things.

A few weeks ago we got ready for next year by doing some leaving certificate art. We did the part of the course called the history of art. We did the Iron Age, Stone Age and Bronze Age. We got split in three groups and got one of the three ages. My group got the Iron Age and did research in that.

We then Switched the groups up and compared the ages. We listed what was in common in association with art. 

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Work Experience:A New Week

On Tuesday I went to my second week in sixth class at Scoil Iosagain.

This week I got to take new responsibilities during the day. I corrected the homework in the morning and in the afternoon i did an introductory lesson to Spanish. the class loved the Spanish lesson and were good for first timers. I was helped by a boy in the class who has a mother from Spain. It was good to get help because i have not done Spanish since the end of third year.

Also that day the school had a concert and it was great. So many talented young people in that school!work-exper